Printed with a textile design inspired by the rich textures and hues of the giant Atlas moth, this capsule collection includes three sizes of cushion, trays, and upcycled furniture.

The rust-like print was developed from silk brocades that were heavily eroded through a natural process of oxidization. Photographs of the decayed fabric were then digitally manipulated to create a wonderful trompe l’oeil version of an otherwise extremely fragile fabric that could then be applied to linens for soft furnishing and upholstery, and oak veneers for tableware. Vintage furniture is given a new lease of life with inlaid Atlas printed oak veneer panels that give the illusion of texture and depth, reinventing the original surface and enhancing its tactile qualities. 


Three sizes of cushion in digitally printed linen with a microfibre filling.

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Prototype tray designs in collaboration with Vermis Project.  For wholesale enquiries please email

Upcycled chair

Vintage chair reupholstered with digitally printed Atlas linen.  Price on request from

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Upcycled coffee table

A 1940s coffee table refinished with digitally printed oak veneer. Not for sale.